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Corp. Wellnes Programs

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Employers spend millions of dollars every year on their employees. Employee wellness and sickness prevention through health education can

dramatically reduce corporate health care costs. If your company would like Dr. Thomas George to present an Employee Wellness Seminar or

Computerized Spinal Screening at your event or office, contact us today. (847) 722-9313 Ask for the Corporate Wellness Director: Renee

Dr. George has held health talks and computerized spinal screenings for community centers, health associations, and local businesses. His most

recent speaking engagements have been for Aspen Allan & Associates, MSM, Inc. His most recent spinal health screenings have been for

Markel, and Parkway North's Winter Garden Cafe, 2011 & 2012 LifeStart Wellness Fair and Quill Inc.

Under our Business Associate Agreement Plan (BAAP)

You and your employees can experience Wellness year-round with health, specials discounts and benefits like never before with Olympico Wellness- Business Associate Agreement Plan, (BAAP).  Enjoy rejuvenating spinal re-alignments to balance the whole body and feel more alive, peaceful and productive.  Or have your muscles reset from tension and flushed of toxins with 10,000 year old ancient oriental techniques.  Plus, your employees will enjoy a full year of on-site:  at your location our Doctor will provide your employees our “Get Fit In 30 Days “ program featuring Dr. Thomas George and staff which is ideal for better employee health and interactive socializing about full body and mind wellness, weight loss and stress reduction.  The Wellness Center is also gearing up for an array of special events to celebrate this special 5 th anniversary year.

As a Wellness BAAP provider, your business will receive access to our Wellness Center providing the member with FREE parking and access to the Saunas, Showers, Toiletries, and Revitalizing Therapies such as: Massage discounts, Chiropractic Adjustment discounts, Anti-Ageing with Facials and Cosmetic Electro-laser Acupuncture, Oriental muscle work to release tension and stored toxins in the body.  In addition, as a BAAP provider you and your colleagues will also receive the following benefits:

  • · 50% discount on Massages (Swedish, Deep tissue) only $40 for one full hour
  • · * Treat: Neck pain, Low back, wrist, shoulder * 50% Discount OFF Chiropractic ( call for details )
  • · $50 off personal and corporate gift certificates
  • · Reduced Health problems, Improved morale, Diminished stress, Increased productivity
  • · Our monthly Corporate Wellness E-newsletter and free access online
  • · Sponsorship and employee volunteer opportunities for fundraisers and community outreach

If you would like to learn more about the BAAP -Business Associate Agreement Plan, please review the enclosed Corporation Provider Eligibility From or call the Enrolment Desk at (847) 722-9313.  We hope that you will enjoy all that the Wellness Center has to offer you and your employees.

TO Recap:  If your Company signs up to become a BAAP corporation, you and all your employees will get 50% off out-of-pocket costs, in turn your company will be providing more affordable Healthcare to your employees.  Must be Insured with: Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, Cigna , Aetna , or United HealthCare . Medicare rules apply .

Join today and enjoy the rest of winter in Wellness!

CALL Right now and Renee our Director of Enrolement will email your Company/Business an Application to join so you and

your employees will recieve 50% off.

Renee (847) 722-9313

Rolling Meadows Chiropractor | Rolling Meadows chiropractic Corp. Wellnes Programs |  IL |

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