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Why Foot Levelers

Would you wear eyeglasses that weren’t prescribed for you? Or take an over-the-counter drug for a problem that requires a prescription drug?

Of course not — you take care of your health and do what is right for your overall well-being.

The Difference

Look down at your feet. How many arches do you see? One? Two?

There are actually three arches in each foot. The three arches are interconnected to form the plantar vault :

A - C = Inner Arch (Medial Longitudinal Arch)
B - C = Outer Arch (Lateral Longitudinal Arch)
A - B = Across the Balls of the Feet (Anterior Transverse [Metatarsal] Arch)

Foot Levelers individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics support the more than 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in your foot. Stabilizing Orthotics maintain the structure of the plantar vault to balance the entire body.

Over-the-counter orthotics support only one arch in your foot. When only one arch is being supported the problem shifts to another part of your body. Foot Levelers Stabilizing Orthotics focus on improving your overall health. They offer more than just short-term symptom relief.

Over-the-Counter Stabilizing Orthotics
Insert, Over the Counter Stabilizing Orthotic, Individually Designed

Only supports 1 arch and often overcorrects, causing more harm than good

Does not provide custom support throughout the gait cycle

Just a cushion designed to treat the symptom rather than the underlying problem

Durability is questionable, so you may spend more money over time replacing them

Offers generic solutions for a set number of foot conditions

3-arch support balances the feet, balances the body

Patented Gait Cycle System® offers custom support through each phase of your gait

Promotes optimum posture and enhances chiropractic adjustments, resulting in longer-term symptom relief

Guaranteed or your money back

Individually designed based on digital images or impressions of your feet

Specifically made for YOU

Unlike generic, over-the-counter orthotics, our Stabilizing Orthotics are individually designed for your unique postural problems — not just problems with your feet. We believe that correcting imbalances in your feet can properly align your spine and pelvis.

Our Stabilizing Orthotics offer more than just short-term symptom relief. They also promote whole-body wellness for your life.

Understanding Your Feet

If you are considering individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics , a health care professional can perform a foot scan to show you how imbalances in the feet can lead to problems in the knees, hips, back and shoulders. The foot scan will show how Stabilizing Orthotics may help. Following a foot scan, a report will provide you a Pronation/Stability Index, a Foot Assessment, and a Body Assessment.

Your Score

Pronation/Stability Index™
The index reveals the severity of pronation/stability in your feet, ranging from Optimal to Severe. An index of 102, for example, is Moderate pronation/instability. Untreated imbalances of any level may lead to chronic problems throughout your body. Read more »


Your Feet

Foot Assessment
The red areas on the V7+ scan show where your feet are applying pressure. Loss of arch height – which shows more red in the middle of the foot, such as the image shown – can cause flattening and rolling of the feet.

The scan also shows the percentage of imbalance for each foot. The higher number indicates greater instability on that side of the body.


Your Body

Body Assessment
The body assessment image shows how imbalances in the feet can lead to knee rotation, pelvic tilt and shoulder drop. These imbalances in the body can be caused by pronation and supination of the foot.

These instabilities can lead to conditions such as plantar fasciitis , knee pain , hip pain , back pain , and neck pain .

A properly aligned body will have symmetrical feet, level knees, pelvis and shoulders. Wearing Stabilizing Orthotics may help alleviate imbalances and con

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