Liposuction with Gluteal Fat Transfer (BBL)
Post-Operative Instructions

Post-op Treatments/ Massages:

A.) We recommend starting with lymphatic drainage massage as soon as the day of your post-op. Once your done with the 3 recommended massages at your cosmetic surgery clinic, you need to continue having lymphatic drainage massages at Olympico Chiropractic Med Spa 2-3 times a week on the 2nd to 3rd week post-op.

B.) We do not recommend opening up the incisions after leaving our clinic after your last drainage massage.

C.) Once you are 3 weeks post-op, you can start ultrasound cavitation “Cavi-Lipo” and radiofrequency “RF-skin radiofrequency treatment per week); At Olympico Chiropractic Med Spa.

D.) It is recommended to continue receiving at Olympico Chiropractic Med Spa a total of 10-12 massages/ post-op treatments in order to prevent buildup of fluid and fibrosis.

E.) The purpose of Cavi-Lipo/cavitation at Olympico Chiropractic Med Spa post-op is to help your body get rid of any residual fat, smoothing out the area and preventing fibrosis and lumps. The radiofrequency/RF treatments here at Olympico Chiropractic Med Spa, are more to tighten/retract the skin after liposuction. Including these treatments at our Med Spa as part of your aftercare will ensure the best results.