At Olymico Chiropractic Med Spa we specialize in RF Non surgical Facelift and RF Skin Tightening

Plain and simple, skin tightening is the tightening of the skin on the face, neck, or body using good old fashioned heat. It’s the most effective methods for tightening loose, crepe-y skin.

“After the age of 30, we slow down our production of collagen and elastin—the two proteins that help our skin stay firm, plump, and toned,” she explains. “What non-surgical skin tightening with Radio Frequency does is target energy in the layers of the skin to stimulate that collagen and elastin production, which will improve the texture and tone.”

We can tighten skin almost anywhere on the body.

We can treat loose skin on the face, neck (and chin), décolletage, stomach, thighs, and basically anywhere else on the body you want to improve.

Skin tightening is non-invasive, non-surgical, and not painful.

Tightening your skin is painless. You might even enjoy the feeling of the heat, compared to hot stone massage

Our signature non surgical face lift includes Cavitation ultrasound at a low level treatments combined with Radio Frequency targeting the superficial layers as well as the deeper layers of the skin right above the muscle). This makes it an extremely effective procedure for those patients seeking a heavy duty lift. “[The cavitation ultrasound method] focuses ultrasound energy to heat the skin so that you’re tightening and lifting from deeper under the skin while the Radio Frequency is targeting the superficial layers of the skin. The treatments are delivered by a handheld device that delivers ultrasound waves and Radio Frequency usually you really can do as little as 5 treatments spaced apart—based on how much plasticity you have.”

During the procedure, your technician will use ultrasound technology to penetrate into deep layers of your skin as they’re heating up combined with Radiofrequency which also uses a handheld device to heat the skin for a tightening effect. “With radiofrequency, we heat the skin at a more superficial level to trigger collagen production. There’s really is no downtime. it can feel hot—it’s like a hot stone massage. Since you are in and out of the office in under an hour do it on your lunch break. You really start to see the best results after a series of treatments it is a gradual process but you will definitely see more results with each additional treatment and You will get an immediate lift after each treatment but it will take multiple treatments to see the best result. You will need two to six treatments usually (depending on the size of the area you’re treating, delivered 7-10 days apart.

Recovery: No recovery time

There’s no downtime required.
The benefit of non-surgical tightening is that there’s no downtime…You have to wait for the collagen and elastin to be produced. So usually it’s a few treatments spaced apart.

Basically anyone at any age can benefit from a treatment.
As a preventative measure, patients in their 20s whose skin doesn’t demand tightening can still get ahead of potential sagging by getting a radio frequency and or ultrasound treatment. It will help bank collagen, so it’s great even for young people for future gaining it also postpones the need for surgical lifting.